SCH Employees Sign Their P.A.C.T.

Excellence in Customer Service is our goal and, to further promote that goal, all SCH employees are committing our new standards of Professionalism, Accountability, Communication, and Tidiness (P.A.C.T.).   When you visit our facility, please take note of the P.A.C.T., and please let us know if we've met our goal of excellent service or if there are areas in which we need to improve.  We appreciate your support, and feedback.


Lunch & Learn

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Upcoming Topics:
April 13th - Meet Our SCFP Providers - Scott Appling, MD; Elizabeth Bailey, DNP; Deb Anderson, FNP
May 11th - "Diabetes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" - Elizabeth Bailey, DNP-C, SCFP
June 8th - "You Can't Take it With You" - Katie Herrick, Dir. Stanton County Museum

Noon to 1pm 
SCH Specialty Clinic 
106 E. Greenwood North
Johnson, KS

Dr. Byrnes Providing Scopes at SCH

   Dr. Matthew Byrnes, MD, is providing Colonoscopy and Endoscopy services at Stanton County Hospital.  

The American Cancer Society recommends Colonoscopy exams, for men and women, beginning at age 50, and every 10 years thereafter.  Call 620-492-6250 to schedule your exam, or discuss your options with your primary care provider.